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Is your school heart safe?

Project ADAM aims to prevent sudden cardiac death by promoting education and implementation of life-saving programs in schools. Project ADAM began 1999 after several incidents of sudden death among high school athletes, including 17 year old Adam Lemel. 

Project ADAM is completely attainable and the benefits can be life saving! Project ADAM Ohio will come out to your school for free to assist with facilitating drills and help your school achieve heart safe designation.

  • One in 50 schools in America experience a cardiac arrest each year

  • In the U.S. a young competitive athlete dies suddenly every 3 days.


Join Project ADAM in the continued effort to make our schools heart safe.
To learn more, go to:


For questions or concerns on how you can make your school heart safe, email:

Naomi Kertesz, MD

Medical Director, Project ADAM

Nationwide Children's Hospital

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