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About Us

In Spring of 2014, our journey began with the sole purpose of making our school district safer. We had learned about the Heart Safe School Accredatition program developed by the Snider Community Heart Watch and the SADS foundation and we new immediately that we must get our local school district involved. After life threatening cardiac arrhythmias touched our lives on a deeply personal level we could not sit back and leave t to fate to keep our children and schools heart safe. We embarked on the journey of getting this program implemented and with each and every step we realized the need and importance of this program. We learned quickly that many improvements were necessary.  


We were so incredibly thankful that we had the most caring and compassionate team of administrators and staff to work with! In addition, we were so grateful for the hard working men and women at the Granville Fire Department for their assistance in helping us to achieve the accreditation. We are so happy to say that in the spring of 2015 the Granville School District became the first school district in Licking County to achieve the Heart Safe School accreditation. We didn't want to stop there. The heart safe school program inspired us to create our own non profit organization, Hearts Beat With Hope. We have made it our mission to continue to promote awareness. We aim to support and connect with those affected by sudden cardiac arrhythmias.



Leigh Priano & Somer Thagard

Hearts Beat With Hope co-founders


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